About Us

We are the Green Place

The Green Place is an authentic, friendly coffeeshop that’s been making cannabis enthusiasts feel welcome since 2004.

Come find us on the Nieuwmarkt square! Nieuwmarkt is located in Amsterdam’s city centre, nearby the Red Light District, the Royal Palace, museums, and many other interesting places to visit and walk around.

What makes us such a welcoming, warm place, you ask? The Green Place, once one man’s dream, is the fruit of people coming together to turn unbridled passion for cannabis into a haven where lovers of the plant can socialise and savour high-quality hash and buds.

We are our customers

Our main objective has always been to provide impeccable service from behind the bar that has become our home.

The reason we are here, and remain here, is because of all of you, and we look forward to spending more time in your company in the future!

Many people used to consider us the underdog. This may have been true for some time, but we rose, and we rose quickly. We’ve had amazing opportunities to compete with the finest Amsterdam has to offer, and we’ve earned your respect, recognition, and a few awards along the way!